ACM dettagli di moda

ACM, a company projected to the future. A modern company , only about 30 years old , but with excellent know – how.

Rising rapidly and continuously in the button and accessory sector, thanks to its associated production units, ACM has a main aim: to respond positively to the specific needs of ever – increasing customers.
Dynamic, Enterprising, International, at the service of both professionals and companies, ACM has a brief history but a significant identity in which total quality, research and assistance are the fulcrum of production, that is as innovative as competitive.
In addition, ACM has the support of a modern, efficient organization and a careful, punctual service.
No customer is too far away for ACM. Each account is serviced by its intelligent and highly efficient marketing department. Nationally the company covers the whole territory, thanks to its complete network of agents. Overseas markets, which are expanding considerably, show ACM as a leader on all five continents. A great achievement, developed by continuous investments in buildings, equipment and manpower.
Modern facilities and equipment allow ACM to take care of customers needs and to guarantee a safe working environment. A large logistic department and advanced technology allows good control of each different phase of the production process. These are just some of ACM's capabilities.

ACM is a point of reference for all the accessories you need. Enjoying a highly styled and technological collection, ACM customers can also take advantage of the quality – service – price mix.